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Santivia Immune

I used to get sick all the time and miss out on many activities. Since I started taking Santivia Immune, I have not been ill in the last 3 years. When COVID-19 started, I increased my daily serving to 4 a day - 2 capsules in the day and 2 capsules before bed. I am happy to report that I have not had a flu, cold or even a sniffle. Now i never leave home without Santivia Immune and I urge everyone to try it for their health.

Pauline Ong
Santivia Immune

I was a sickly child and this continued into adulthood, where colds were a monthly occurrence. I would get 2 severe sinusitis infections a year. Santivia Immune changed my life when I started taking it in 2017.  I have not had a sinusitis infection since and rare colds. I feel like a new woman. Thank you for my new lease of life!

Lucianna Middleton
Santivia Immune

My son had an amazing experience with Santivia. Out of his class of 22 kids, over half of them were away from school with serious bouts of influenza A and B. My son has actually always been really susceptible to getting flus and respiratory tract infections, so much so that insurance won't cover him for respiratory tract infection. After taking Santivia Immune, he didn't miss one single day of school this semester and didn't catch the dreaded flu. Just shows that this is potentially really powerful and helpful for us mums with flu-prone kids.

Ania C
Sydney, Australia
Santivia Immune

I am 77 years old and still working full time actively. I am taking Santivia Immune daily. I have just carried out a full blood test and I have perfect A score. Everything is within limits, my doctor asked me to frame up the Report. I am very pleased!

Jimmy Koh - CEO
Antara Koh
Santivia Immune

In the middle of winter, everyone on the plane had the flu. Four hours later, I felt like I had the flu. I started taking Santivia Immune religiously for the duration of my trip. Lo and behold, I was able to fend off the cold and flu. I felt great. I really felt Santivia strengthened my immune system and prevented me from getting a virus. I believe in it and I use it regularly.

Mike Cvetanovic
Toronto, Canada


Santivia Immune


Santivia Blog

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    4 household toxins that could be affecting your health

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    What everyone ought to know about immune-supporting supplements

    People are taking extra action during these difficult times, strengthening their immune system by making lifestyle improvements such as – consuming a healthy diet, exercising, making quality sleep a priority, engaging in self-care, and doing stress-reducing activities. Some supplements go that extra step towards supporting an overall improvement in immune function: Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Santivia@ Immune.