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Santivia Immune modulates your immune system, not just stimulates it.

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Santivia Immune is free from...

Gluten, Yeast, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Salt, Casein, Preservatives, Added Sugars, Artificial Sugars, Artificial Colours or Artificial Flavourings.

Santivia Immune


I am 77 years old and still working full time actively. I am taking Santivia Immune daily. I have just carried out a full blood test and I have perfect A score. Everything is within limits, my doctor asked me to frame up the Report. I am very pleased!

Health is an important focus for me as an owner of a gym and as a Dad.  I keep healthy habits and teach my daughter to do the same.  However, with Mila frequently catching the flu bug from her schoolmates, and then passing the flu onto me, I have now included Santivia Immune as part of our heath regime. I see it as a preventative measure plus I love that the blueberry extract in it adds to our daily fruit intake!

As a medical doctor, a gastroenterologist, I am well aware of the importance of maintaining a strong, healthy immune system. I have read the science behind Santivia Immune and I myself take it daily to maintain good health.

I recommend it as a beneficial supplement to maintain good health.

Having been in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, I have kept myself well informed about various products in the market.  I understand why it's important not just to boost my immune system but to also modulate it. I have found that Santivia Immune works very well for me, effective in keeping my conditions in control. If I catch a cold, or other ailment, it is very light and of short duration. When I start to feel under the weather, I immediately increase the serving to several capsules a day. This seems really to help prevent me from getting full blown ill. I take it product every day because our immune systems don’t take a day off. It’s now part of my mandatory daily regime.

I have a deep affinity to the amazing botanical world, which is why I really like that Santivia Immune contains the antioxidant goodness of Blueberry Fruit Extract, a safe supplement that I take daily to keep me feeling healthy and happy. Even though I always try to eat well and get enough sleep, I only feel my health regime is complete with this fantastic supplement.

After an exhaustive week with little sleep and long haul flights I
arrived in Singapore and began to feel all the symptoms of something
nasty coming my way- fatigue, congestion, headaches, cough etc. My
girlfriend suggested I try Santivia Immune supplement and within 36 hours, the
symptoms began to fade. I believe that the Santivia helped prevent it from turning into something more debilitating, and sped up my recovery. Certainly intrigued and will use it as a regular supplement, especially
through the London Winter.

The state of your health is dependent on your immune system

Whether you get the flu, coughs, infections and chronic illness often depends on your immune system's ability to protect your body. 

The key to a strong immune system is to have a BALANCED immune system. This means your immune system must launch an aggressive attack to fight invaders and then return to a calm, balanced state when the attack is over.

When your immune system is out of balance, it not only fails to protect your body but also can even mistakenly attack itself, if overstimulated. 

Stimulation of the immune system is necessary if it is under-regulated and needs to be stimulated to fight a foreign invader, but overstimulation can lead to potential for auto-immune disorders.

Your immune system gets out of balance affected by every day factors such as PITTS: Poor Nutrition, Infections, Toxins, Trauma and Stress. These factors destroy the communication between immune cells.

Santivia Immune helps to restore the depleted communication system of your immune cells and supports the regulation of your Immune System towards a BALANCED, competent state.

Santivia Immune supports your immune system

Santivia Immune : For Parents and Kids

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9 Reasons Why You Need Santivia Immune

The Superior Immune Health Supplement

What is The Santivia Immune Difference?
Superior to Other Immune Supplements

Santivia Immune is a clinically proven immune modulator. This means it intelligently both up-regulates your immune system during an infection attack and down-regulates it to a calm balanced state when the attack is over, resulting in improved immune competence and balance.

Plant based immune supplements cannot achieve this. They merely stimulate or up-regulate your immune system in one direction. Overstimulation can lead to reduced immune capability and potential for auto-immune disorders. 

Supports Natural Killer Cell Activity

Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells) are part of your immune system. They are constantly circulating, seeking out viruses and tumour cells to kill them.

They also protect against a wide variety of microbes (a.k.a.micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, bugs, germs)

Santivia Immune supports the increase in NK Cell numbers and activity.

Restores Immune Cell Communication

Your Immune function is weakened by every factors such as Poor Nutrition, Toxins, Infection, Trauma and Stress.

Santivia Immune restores immune inter-cell communication which strengthens your immune function. It is most effective in helping your body build new cells, sustaining strong immune system performance and maintaining long term good health.

Unique Formulation

Santivia Immune is the only product that contains the clinically proven immune modulator AiE10®, and the potent anti-oxidant, Blueberry Fruit extract which counters free radicals and oxidative stress. It is safe, gentle and suitable for the whole family- kids, adults, elderly.

It is formulated to modulate and balance  your immune system. A balanced immune system is important so it can recognise, respond, and remember foreign invaders for faster effective defence in the future.

Who Needs To Balance Their Immune System?

Everyone Really!

Children going to childcare or school (2 years and above). They have yet to learn and routinely practise good hygiene so they easily pick up infection and bring it back to their family.

Elderly people. They are known to have a decline in immune function as they produce lower numbers of immune cells which are also less active. They are also likely to be taking a number of medications which are chemicals.

Athletes who want to keep in their peak condition or those who do endurance sports.

If you succumb to cough, colds, infections frequently and it takes a long time to recover.

If you often catch a bug in the office or in a public place.

If you are chronically ill.

If you are or have been a cancer patient, because your immune system is suppressed.

If you want help support your immune system through the threats of poor nutrition, infection, toxins, trauma and stress.

If you want to maintain great health!