5 Habits of Healthy Kids

Why do some kids get sick so often while other kids avoid the flu and other infections? What are they doing right to keep themselves healthy?

Here are 5 Habits of Healthy Kids:

1. Regularly washing hands
A habit of regular hand-washing dramatically reduces the passing of germs that cause respiratory and gastrointestinal illness. 
Get kids in the habit of washing their hands before they eat, after playing with toys or in the playground and when leaving day care. 15-20 seconds of scrubbing is ideal.

2. Don't share germs 
When kids share their cups, utensils and straws, they also share their germs. Cold and flu viruses enter the body through the nose, eyes, and mouth so teach children to avoid sharing objects that touch "germ entry points". I've seen kids sharing their used tissues and toothbrushes. This is one case where sharing isn't caring!

3. Plenty of good quality sleep
One of the major factors that wreck havoc on our immune systems is a lack of good quality of sleep. I cannot emphasise this enough.  Sleep deprivation nearly doubles the risk of getting a cold or flu, so please make sure kids stick to an early bedtime. School-going kids really need at least 10 hours of sleep.
Do limit screentime in the evenings because it causes a negative impact on their sleep quality. 

4. A Healthy Diet
A healthy meal consists of colourful fruits and vegetables which is beneficial to your child's immune system. Foods rich in Vitamin D such as tuna, mackerel and egg yolks and eating yogurt with active cultures (probiotics) can also help build defences. 

Sugar weakens your child's immune system.  So limit sugary treats and be mindful of hidden added sugars in popular "healthy kid's foods" such as fruit roll ups, fruit juices and sugary cereals.

5. Daily regime of an effective immune supplement
Children can benefit from having their immune system regulated and better able to cope competently with infection. If they have been breastfed, they will have some degree of immunity to the organisms to which the mother was exposed, from the colostrum in mother’s milk. 

If the child is bottle-fed, there is no degree of immune protection.
The American immunologist, Dr Jesse Stoff* made the comment:
“Children are often the victims of compromised immune function, and the effects can be very significant when spread over a lifetime. We tend to ignore the state of their immune function, opting to give them more and more prescription medications as time goes by. They are not immune to the stresses all of us face in modern society and their immune function is affected significantly. Accordingly, I think antigen infused dialyzable bovine whey extract should be made available to children from birth"

The ingredient Dr Stoff is referring to is the active ingredient in Santivia Immune.   Santivia Immune also incorporates the powerful natural anti-oxidant, blueberries. The anti-oxidant function neutralises free radicals that damage DNA and harms the immune system. 
A daily regime of Santivia Immune would be really beneficial to help your child combat infection challenges. 
*Dr. Jesse Stoff is an internationally renowned physician, with extensive credentials in immunology, naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, and holistic medicine. He is a licensed Medical Doctor, a Certified Naturopathic Physician, a Certified Acupuncturist, and a licensed Homeopathic Physician. A graduate of New York Medical College, he pursued extensive post-doctoral training including a fellowship at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital in London, England. He has authored/co-authored dozens of articles and 8 books including co-authoring the bestsellers Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Hidden Epidemic and The Prostate Miracle. He has also served as a member of the Clinical Nutrition Board of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Inc. As Medical Director of the Stoff Institute for Medical Research, he consults with physicians and medical groups both domestically and abroad on the subjects of immune system disorders and immune reconstitution.
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