5 Ways To Live Your Best Life

You may have heard people say "Life is short, make it count". So how exactly do you make each day count? What truly makes your life the best it can be ?

5 ways I believe makes life amazing:

1. Gratitude

Most of us don't always have everything we desire. But instead of being focused on what I don't have, I always count my blessings and be grateful for what I do have. 

Make it a habit to write down all the things you appreciate in your life - a delicious meal, a good laugh with a friend, receiving helpful advice, sunshine, a comfortable bed, a safe country with no war. Once you focus on what you do have, I promise you that your spirits will be lifted.

2. Do Good

Once you feel grateful for your blessings, you'll begin to see how you are in a position to bless others. Every chance you get to be thoughtful or helpful to others, take it. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture - a genuine compliment, a word of encouragement, a smile or a helping hand. 

That one small gesture to you could make someone else's day, month or year ... and that is one of the most rewarding things in life!  Plus when you help others, you also focus less on your own problems and more on your blessings.

3. Letting Go

When I was younger, I used to be very achievement-oriented. While it is a good trait to be a go-getter, I also didn't take it too well when things didn't turn out the way I had planned. 

Now that I am older and much wiser, I have realised that every time something didn't go my way, it birthed something else. A new way. A new opportunity. A better outcome. It may not be the path I had in mind, but it always eventually led to a more interesting and fruitful path.

So, now I just let go of what I cannot control and believe that whatever will be, will be for the better. Letting go isn't easy but if you master this, you'll feel a sense of freedom and excitement of a new adventure, rather than a loss, when things don't go the way you planned. Living with excited anticipation definitely beats living with anxiety! 

4. Try New Things

I believe we are on this earth to be the best version of ourselves. We can only do that if we get outside our comfort zones. It's so easy to get comfortable in my usual routine. But I feel so much more alive when I try something new, talk to new people, experience a new culture and learn a new skill. It sparks creativity, ignites inspiration and makes me excited about what I have planned for each day. 

I tell my daughter "try it once, if you don't like it or it doesn't work out, then at least you know. And you can be on to the next thing until you find something you are passionate about."

5.  True Friendship

I love this quote by Alistair Begg: "If you have one true friend in this world, you are rich."

Genuine friendships are important to cultivate. No amount of wealth, status, or power can adequately compensate for a life without genuine friends.

I have dear friends, some I have known for decades and some I have met fairly recently. They all give meaning to my life when we laugh together, share stories and encourage each other through the ups and downs of life. Fruitful friendships make my life fruitful. 

When I think of a healthy life, I don't just think about my physical health but how meaningful it is as well.

What are some of the ways you make your life the best it can be?

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