6 Easy Steps To Keep You Healthy

Do you always seem to fall sick with a cough or cold and flu?

Your Health Depends On The Strength of Your Immune System. 

Many of us take our immune systems for granted or have never even thought about it.

Did you know that your immune system is working 24 hours a day?

It diligently protects us from foreign germs and bugs which can invade our bodies and lead to possible disease and death?

It is also responsible for looking out for tumour and cancer cells and destroying them.

An Optimal Immune System

A fully functional, optimal immune system is strong enough to fight off foreign invaders of our body.

It also does not over-react to allergens, treating them as harmful invaders and going into a protective immune response. Nor would auto-immune diseases occur. 

Factors That Knock Your Immune System Out Of Balance

Your immune system, however, is rarely optimal.

It is adversely affected by many factors that you are exposed to every day such as the "PITTS": Poor Nutrition, Infection, Toxins, Trauma, and Stress. (Stress is a big one!)

Unless you live like the elderly, centenarian Okinawans, growing your own vegetables and raising your own food, with clean unpolluted air and water, good sleep and no stress, you would face these PITTS factors to a greater or lesser extent, because of the modern lifestyle.

Immune Communication is Key

Your immune active molecules responsible for immune communication become less and less.

Immune communication is very important so that the immune system does the appropriate action – attack the foreign invader and go back to equilibrium when the attack is over.

You neither want an under-active immune system nor an over-stimulated immune system.

When your immune system is under-active you succumb easily to infection such as a common cough and cold and flu.

Do you always catch the latest bout of flu and it takes a long time to feel normal and healthy again?

You probably have a weakened immune system.  

Or do you suffer from auto-immune disease such as arthritis?

Your immune system is out of balance and overstimulated.

Prevention Is Paramount

I urge you to take preventive action, to keep your immune system in as great a condition as possible, so you are less likely to be one of those who are frequently sick or who get a more serious condition such as tumours and cancer.  

6 Easy Steps To Keeping A Healthy Immune System

Prevention steps can be so simple, and inexpensive:

1. Eat whole and non-processed foods and more fruit and vegetables,

2. Stay hydrated with healthy beverages like water, fresh fruit and vegetable juice and green tea,

3. Get 7-8 hours of good quality sleep and aim to be asleep by 11 pm (that's when your body begins the detoxification process),

4. Reduce stress by not over-committing yourself, taking time for things you enjoy and keeping positive thoughts,

5. Maintain a suitable exercise regime that is enough of a workout without being overly strenuous (especially if you are already very feeling overloaded and stressed)

6. This is an Important one: Take Santivia Immune, a safe and effective immune supplement modulator daily, and increase the serving size if you are feeling rundown, stressed or surrounded by infectious people.

So let's do our best to keep healthy - to avoid the pain and suffering, missed work hours and medical bills. It just takes adopting some easy habits.

Ready for a healthier you?