Are Antibiotics Bad for You?

We have all been prescribed antibiotics at one time or another but are taking antibiotics bad for you?

History of Antibiotics

The invention of antibiotics was a major milestone in the increase in quality of life and life extension. Since the introduction of penicillin in the 1920s and the subsequent development of other antibiotics, illness and death from infectious diseases have indeed dropped dramatically.

Your immune system still has to deliver the death blow.

Antibiotics kill bacteria however your immune system is still required to finish the battle. Any remaining bacteria not overcome can become stronger through mutation resulting in antibiotic resistance and stronger bacterial opponents.

Antibiotics kill good as well as bad bacteria and can result in yeast overgrowth

Antibiotics kill not only bad bacteria that is making you sick, but also your body's friendly bacteria in the gut. A bacterial imbalance can result in yeast overgrowth. The immune system is partly responsible for keeping yeast at bay.  

Antibiotics are toxic to your immune system

Antibiotics are toxins, and toxins suppress your immune system. Toxins are known to have a role in disrupting immune memory and communication.

A study at New York University Langone Medical Center confirms that toxic damage to the microbiome, or gut, results from the use of antibiotics. That means that we not only suffer a reduction in our immune response which can contribute to allergies and autoimmune disorders, but we are also exposed to changes in our metabolism that can predispose us to diabetes and other diseases later in our life.

Ascertain if you are suffering from a bacterial infection

You should be certain before using an antibiotic that you are actually suffering from a bacterial infection and not a virus which is not able to be treated by antibiotics. Most often the flu is caused by a virus. You must also avoid the quick response to use antibiotics freely and often. We want the antibiotic to be effective when we really need it – in life-threatening infections! 

According to researchers today the constant use of antibiotics with humans and livestock is a leading factor in our growing inability to eradicate disease. Antibiotics are becoming less effective because of bacterial resistance.

Santivia Immune is a great complementary immune support supplement if you are on antibiotics. 

It helps to restore the depleted communication system of your immune cells and supports the regulation of your immune system towards a BALANCED, competent state.


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