Why Asthma Sufferers Must Strengthen Their Immune System

Asthma is a chronic condition that affects the lungs' airways, characterised by periods of wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and coughing.

What triggers an asthma attack?

The most common triggers are respiratory infections. If an asthmatic person gets a cold or flu, there is the risk of pneumonia and even an asthma attack. It takes longer for asthmatics to recover from cough and colds. Sometimes, coughing can linger for months.

Bacterial and viral infections are linked to childhood asthma

Researchers noted that children with mild to moderate asthma who have an oncoming asthma flare-up tend to have a higher level of disease-causing bacteria in their lungs.

Viral respiratory tract infections are the most common triggers of acute asthma in both children and adults. Studies show that viruses can multiply much more in asthmatics than in a non-asthmatic person.  It has been suggested that asthmatics may have a defect in antiviral immunity.

Allergies are often associated with asthma attacks

The other trigger for asthma attacks is allergens. The common allergens include dust mites and mould, also cat and dog dander.  Food and food additives are less common causes of asthma attacks.

Asthma is an immune disorder

With asthma, the immune system is overactive, reacting aggressively to anything that is considered harmful such as allergens, by releasing cells that incite inflammation in the airways. The typical repair of the airways is disrupted, and chronic inflammation occurs. The lung tissues become hypersensitive to triggers,  which makes them more likely to provoke an asthma attack.

Asthma can increase the risk of respiratory infections. Because as the inflammation damages the airways' lining, this gives viruses and bacteria more accessible access to the lung's deeper tissues. Severe illnesses, such as pneumonia, can occur.

Santivia Immune improves immunity

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Santivia Immune is complementary to asthma medication

Santivia Immune can complement the prescribed asthma treatment plan as it can be taken in conjunction with asthma medicine.

Here's what these asthmatics say about Santivia Immune

Sheila and her children have asthma. They take Santivia Immune every day to keep their immune system strong. Watch Sheila's video.

Ania and her family, including her asthmatic father and her son, take Santivia immune. When the family arrived in Singapore, her young son was admitted twice to the hospital with pneumonia. His health has turned around since the family discovered Santivia Immune. Watch Ania's video.

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