What Can We Learn From The Deadly Flu Outbreak In Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Flu Outbreak
I was reading in the papers today about Hong Kong struggling to cope with a long flu outbreak that has resulted in 1000 patients needing to be admitted to hospital every day. A total of 205 adults, many elderly and 3 children gave died.  Hong Kong’s medical services have had difficulty coping with the numbers.

Who Is Most At Risk?
‘Vulnerable groups such as the elderly and young children are advised to see a doctor as soon as they fall sick’ said Dr Leung of the HK  Medical Association.
The people most likely to have a weakened immune system are the elderly, young children, those with chronic health problems, such as asthma and diabetes as well as pregnant women.

The Message of Prevention
My immediate reaction was: I felt sad that we have not yet introduced Santivia Immune to Hong Kong. If these people had a strong immune system they may not have succumbed to the flu, or to be so serious as to be admitted to hospital. I also realised that we have an important task – to get across the message of PREVENTION, not waiting to get sick, but taking action to build and maintain a strong, competent immune system.


Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells)
The epidemic is from a virus, not a bacteria. Hence, antibiotics are not useful other than preventing a possible secondary bacterial infection. It is the Natural Killer cells (NK cells)  in the immune system which destroy  viruses, tumour and cancer cells. To know more about NK cells, I thought this is a great video by Kyle Thornthwaite.

Santivia Immune increases the number and activity of NK cells. NK cells are non-specific in action. They kill the virus irrespective of whether they have encountered the virus strain previously. This is unlike flu vaccines are which are specific to the virus strain. So if the virus has mutated the old vaccine will not be effective.

Our Personal Experience
My daughter, Mel encountered many flu epidemics which swept through the multinational company where she worked. Most of her colleagues were sick. Not Mel. We have been on many holiday trips with groups in confined spaces where their group was coughing. Our family remained well. The same has been reported by our loyal supporters.

The key is a dedication to keeping a strong and balanced and strong immune system!

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