Don't let stress and infection ruin your much anticipated vacation

Holiday Stress

The year-end holidays will soon be upon us.

The kids may be recovering from exams and getting their results.

Working parents may work overtime, rushing to finish their work so that they can enjoy their holidays without worrying about unfinished work or problems in their absence.

The airport is packed at this peak time with holidaymakers.

There are long queues.


The family collapses on the plane ready for the much anticipated holiday, often planning to see as much as possible in the shortest time.

Stress Suppresses Your Immune System

If it is your family, the immune system of each member is not in the best condition to start with. Lack of sleep, stress from exams and rushing to finish up work suppresses your immune system, making you more prone to infection.

Add on to this, being cooped up in the plane, for long hours with circulating air and germs.  If nearby people are coughing and obviously have a heavy cold, you feel like moving to a safer healthier place but often this is not possible.

It also does not help your immune system if you going to an extreme weather place, for example from hot Singapore to wintry Europe. Again jet lag and lack of sleep make you more susceptible to infection.

What Can You Do To Help Your Immune System?

1. Ideally, try to have a lag time of recovery before embarking on your holiday so that you don’t start your holiday exhausted and stressed.

2. Take our immune modulator Santivia Immune, doubling the dose to 4 capsules a day, from the maintenance dose of one capsule twice a day. This gets your immune system better primed to protect you. 

3. Pack some extra Santivia Immune to give to your fellow travellers. There is nearly always someone sick in the group and it is likely to spread to the rest.

Enjoy your holidays! 

Lynette Lee
Lynette Lee


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