The Do’s and Don'ts for Better Sleep

The Importance of sleep

Sleep isn't just about beauty; it is one of the most critical aspects of your health that you can manage. In this modern age, it's a worldwide phenomenon that most people are sleep-deprived. 

Sleep deprivation increases inflammation and causes a massive drop in your body's critical immune assassin cells, your NK cells. With your immune system seriously depressed, you are more prone to succumb to infections.

A lack of sleep has been linked to increased risk of cancer, Alzheimer's, heart attacks and weakening of the immune system. And as we age the quality of our sleep diminishes.

So how do we improve our quality of sleep?

Sleep tips – What to do

1. Keep a regular sleep routine

Wind down at least 30 minutes, preferably longer, preparing to go to bed. Create a habit of going to bed and rising in the morning at the same time daily.

2. Darken the room

Make your room as pitch black as possible and if necessary, wear a sleep mask to block any light streaming into your room.

3. Turn off blue light emitted from devices

When you stare at a screen for hours at a time, whether it is a computer, TV, phone or tablet, you are exposed to blue light from the device. The blue light inhibits sleep-inducing melatonin production. Turning off devices 1-2 hours before bedtime or wearing blue-blocking glasses would be helpful

4. Turn off wifi devices

Electromagnetic fields (or EMF) from your electronic devices can cause disturbance to your sleep. It's best to turn off your devices entirely or not keep them in your room. If you need your phone's alarm clock, you can still put it on aeroplane mode and keep it 6 feet away from you.

5. Ensure the room is at cool 

Sleep experts suggest keeping your room temperature as low as 18 degrees celsius. Your body temperature needs to drop to initiate sleep and to stay asleep. If that's too cold for you, then adjust according to what still feels cold but is comfortable.

6. Use essential oils

Spraying some lavender oil on your pillow or dabbing it on your body helps with sleep and is the perfect pampering ritual of preparing you for bedtime.

7. Empty your mind

It's prevalent for super achievers and over-thinkers to have trouble with sleep. Those who think about their to-do list and solve problems while sleeping may want to keep a journal beside their bed. It helps to write down what you want to do the next day and list the items on your mind, to avoid dwelling on them whilst sleeping.

8. Bathe in positive thoughts

When your mind drifts off as you fall asleep, allow your mind to wander to pleasant and hopeful thoughts. It might be the wonderful happy experiences in your life and thoughts of gratitude for all your blessings.

Sleep tips – What not to do

1. Avoid overstimulation

Overstimulation of your mind and body includes consuming caffeinated drinks and watching action-packed or thriller movies before bedtime.

2. Avoid alcohol. 

Alcohol is a sedative. It may cause you to fall asleep fast but it affects the quality of sleep by blocking REM sleep, an essential part of the sleep cycle.

3. Avoid day time napping if having difficulty falling asleep at night.

4. Don't nap after 3 pm.

While power napping is a good habit to re-energise yourself during the day, it's best to keep napping before 3 pm so as not to disturb your sleep rhythm.

5. Do not exercise just before bedtime

For those who have trouble sleeping, it's best not to exercise at night before sleeping because it causes your body temperature to remain high. Lower room and body temperatures induce sleep.

Sleep deprivation has a severe impact on your immune health. When you lack good quality sleep, you are more likely to succumb to infection, and existing health conditions such as eczema and asthma may worsen.

If you are going through a period of interrupted or lack of sleep, we recommend during this time to double the daily serving size of Santivia Immune to give your immune system some extra help. 

Happy Snoozing!
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