When Will You Feel The Difference With Santivia Immune?

We are all unique and we all have a different starting point with our health.


Some children are born prematurely hence may be slower than most in the development of their immune system. Children born naturally are one up on the immune scale compared to children born by Caesarean as they have gained some immunity to the micro-organisms encountered in the birth canal.

Similarly, breastfed babies have the advantage compared to bottle-fed babies, obtaining some immunity from mother’s milk. There are case studies of people given large amounts of antibiotics at an early age, resulting in them having a ‘delicate’ childhood and suffering from autoimmune diseases when reaching adulthood.


Besides, we all have different lifestyles - what we eat, drink, how we live, where we live.
Do you smoke and consume alcohol? Do you burn the midnight oil?
Are you a stressed overachiever or chronic worrier?
Do you live in a busy polluted urban city?

These situations impact our immune system and affect how long it takes to see results. Your immune system needs some time to optimise to a balanced state.
For instance, if you maintain a healthy diet but don’t get enough good quality sleep and continue to lead a stress-filled life, then you may find that it takes longer to notice a difference in your health.

Also being consistent with your daily serving of Santivia Immune is strongly recommended to gain the full benefit of its immune-balancing capabilities. Occasional usage won’t be as effective.

Extra Help

Those who know they a weak immune system, as they get sick often or have chronic issues such as eczema, allergic rhinitis, start at a higher serving such as 4-6 capsules of Santivia Immune per day. Once they have found significant improvement, they can reduce their daily serving size to the maintenance serving of 2 capsules daily.

My daughter, Mel, suffered from years of severe chronic allergic rhinitis as well as frequent flu and colds. She quickly found herself no longer catching the flu and within 8 months her allergic rhinitis disappeared. She started on 6 capsules a day and now does well on 2 capsules daily as maintenance.

She increases the number of capsules just before and during her travels since it's easy to catch a bug on the plane and especially if travelling to a different time zone and weather conditions.

V.F noticed the difference in 2 weeks:

Santivia Immune Review

Those without any specific health issues may start at 2 capsules per day. Many who have been taking Santivia Immune daily for a period of time can usually withstand a flu epidemic provided they are not sleep deprived or stressed.

Here’s Pauline’s review after 1 year and after 2 years of making Santivia Immune part of her daily regime.

You'll get the hang of when to increase Santivia Immune, based your body's needs, but do reach out to us if you need some guidance and support!

We want you to get the best out of Santivia Immune!

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