Infection-free for 4 years: Pauline’s testimonial

Pauline Ong is a 76-year-young retired prominent pharmacist who started the first pharmacy chain in Singapore. 

She has varied interests, including docent at museums, choir participant and volunteer in worthy causes. She has always been a keen and regular overseas traveller, particularly on cruises. However, before Santivia Immune, 4 years ago, she was sick every few months with the flu.

Getting sick so frequently disrupted her busy life, and sometimes, she was confined to her cabin on the cruise when she fell ill while on vacation. 

After starting on Santivia immune daily, she has now been infection-free for 4 years! She can’t wait to tell anyone and everyone about Santivia Immune. Our great advocate!

Let her tell you in her own words how well she is doing. And you can see for yourself how amazing she looks!

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