Why Is Sugar Really That Bad For You and Kids?

Is Sugar Really Such A Bad Thing?  

Sadly yes, it has now been declared the number 1 enemy to our health!

Previously everyone was talking of cholesterol and heart disease. Now, the spotlight is on sugar and all the bad effects on health.

61 Names of Sugar

Did you know that sugar is added in many of our processed foods, even in toothpaste? This a list of 61 names for sugar which may be on the label on the foods and products you consume: 

Agave nectar, Barbados sugar, Barley malt, Barley malt syrup, Beet sugar, Brown sugar, Buttered syrup, Cane juice, Cane juice crystals, Cane sugar, Caramel, Carob syrup, Castor sugar, Coconut palm sugar, Coconut sugar, Confectioner's sugar, Corn sweetener, Corn syrup, Corn syrup solids, Date sugar, Dehydrated cane juice, Demerara sugar, Dextrin, Dextrose, Evaporated cane juice, Free-flowing brown sugars, Fructose, Fruit juice. Fruit juice concentrate, Glucose, Glucose solids, Golden sugar, Golden syrup, Grape sugar, HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup), Honey, Icing sugar, Invert sugar, Malt syrup, Maltodextrin, Maltol, Maltose, Mannose, Maple syrup, Molasses, Muscovado, Palm sugar, Panocha, Powdered sugar, Raw sugar, Refiner's syrup, Rice syrup, Saccharose, Sorghum Syrup, Sucrose, Sugar (granulated), Sweet Sorghum, Syrup, Treacle, Turbinado sugar, Yellow sugar.

Sugar in Many Children's Nutritional Supplements

Sugar is a key ingredient in children’s nutritional supplements and medications such as in syrups and gummy jubes to encourage children to take them.

Key Problems With Sugar

The key problems with sugar are:

  1. Added sugar such as fructose can overload the liver and cause fatty liver.
  2. Sugar can cause insulin resistance which in turn can lead to metabolic disorders and type 11 diabetes.
  3. High insulin levels and inflammation due to sugar consumption can contribute to cancer.
  4. Sugar can cause heart disease.
  5. Sugar is a leading contributor to obesity in adults and children.
  6. Sugar is addictive.
  7. Sugar can cause tooth decay.
  8. Sugar causes inflammation
  9. Sugar depresses your immune system

Sugar Reduces The Proper Function Of Your Immune System

You may ask: why does my child get sick often? A key clue would be to look at your child's habits. Is your child eating too much sugar?

The effects of sugar on children's health is unlimited. It has become an epidemic by way of depressing his or her immune function.

Eating a diet high in refined sugar is a slow road to illness leaving your child prone to every childhood disease out there. What's more, sugar is the first addiction your children may have and studies have shown that sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine! What a scary thought!

Sugar is also inflammatory and acidic in the body.  An undisputed 1973 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that sugar depresses the immune system which means it reduces the ability of your immune system to function properly. This may be why you may see your children coming down with colds and the flu, particularly around the holiday seasons when sugar consumption is high.

Fruit Source 

Encourage your child to eat fresh fruit as a natural sugar source. Fruit is alkaline in the body and has an unmatched nutritional benefit in helping children grow and maintain their health. In contrast, refined sugar is acidic with no nutritional benefit and it depresses their immune system.

Isn’t it ironic that children’s health supplements in syrup form and gummy jubes etc are all sugar-laced, depressing their immune system?

Santivia Does Not Contain Added Sugar or Artificial Sugars

We decided not to make a syrup or a sugary drop for children as it defeats the purpose of improving their immune function. There are no added sugars or artificial sugars in Santivia Immune. The capsule formulation can be given to the whole family. For children who cannot swallow the capsule, it can be opened and the contents added to their cereal or yoghurt. 

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Lynette Lee
Lynette Lee


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