What’s Your Main Defence against COVID-19?

The COVID-19 coronavirus is causing much concern worldwide. 40 million people in China have been in lockdown or quarantined. Some reports are of 3% fatality rate. The elderly, the young and those with existing health conditions are at the greatest risk of a more serious outcome if succumbing to the virus. And if the virus undergoes more mutations it could become even more virulent.

Your Main Defence Against The Coronavirus

Your main defence against viruses is your immune system’s NK cells (a.k.a Natural Killer Cells). As its name suggests, NK cells are like your assassin cells. They are responsible for killing viruses as well as microscopic cancer cells. So, you really want high NK cell levels and activity.
In modern times, our NK cell activity is estimated at 10-20% of past generations, mainly due to our exposure to ever-increasing toxins such as chemical pollutants in our environment, food, skincare and cleaning agents. In olden time, many of these chemicals did not exist.

Santivia Immune Strengthens Your Immune System
Ai/E10® is the active ingredient immune modulator in Santivia Immune. It is synergistically combined with the powerful antioxidant effect of superfood blueberries. It is formulated to not only boost a weak immune system but also balance an overactive immune system.

Proven Clinical Data
There are 2 clinical trials proving that Ai/E10 increases NK cells by 300% in healthy normal people as well as in the chronically sick. The chronic sick all have very low numbers of NK cells. As NK numbers increase there is a corresponding improvement in health and wellbeing.
We urge you to take active steps to strengthen your immune system and increase the NK cell number and activity, by taking Santivia immune daily especially during this virus epidemic and when travelling.
The adult serving size we recommend for Santivia immune is 1 capsule twice daily. This is an average maintenance serving.

Recommend Usage
However, in high-risk situations, we strongly urge adults to start at 4 capsules daily, preferably in divided servings. The aim is to get a faster improvement in immune function.
For children from 2 years to 12, half the adult serving is recommended. 1 capsule daily as a maintenance serving. 2 capsules daily for intensive use, preferably in divided servings.
For vulnerable people with already compromised immune systems, intake of Santivia Immune can be increased even to 6 to 8 capsules.

Remember - Santivia Immune is a food, not a drug. It will not interact with any medication.

Keep your immunity strong during this coronavirus epidemic, stay protected and please share this information with your loved ones!


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