My journey from sickly to healthy

For decades, I was sickly. I got the flu every few months. It became more frequent once I started my busy legal career with long working hours and hectic travel schedule. Stress caused even more havoc on my immune system

I was also plagued by allergic rhinitis (chronic severe hay fever which was a daily occurrence).  A typical day for me would be: wake up, sneeze 50 times (I am not even exaggerating!), blow my nose till it’s raw with blood shooting out of it (sorry for the visual), scratch my throat with my tongue, rub my eyes out and take an antihistamine to reduce the itch in my throat, nose and eyes.  Tissues were bought in bulk as I could easily use 1 box a day.

I also developed chronic ear infections. Sometimes the pain in my ear was so excruciating, I couldn’t sleep all night and had to rush to the doctor’s office first thing in the morning. An Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor even tested to rule out cancer because my symptoms were so bad. I was told to use 5 layers of bed linen and spray chemical dust mite killer on my pillow, bed, curtains and all over my room. Yes, I slept inhaling dust mite spray!

I sadly gave up sea sports because I couldn’t afford to get another ear, nose or throat infection. While the medication did clear up the symptoms while I was taking them, it didn’t actually get rid of my allergic rhinitis. It always came back with a vengeance.

My mother, a pharmacist for over 50 years had always been at the forefront of health advances yet she watched with helplessness as I suffered every day. None of the solutions I had tried thus far helped. While as a board member of an immune product and research company, she came across a unique immune modulator (the main ingredient of Santivia Immune) which was supported by years of clinical and scientific studies, several patents and testimonials. She went through all the detailed data and tried it on me. To our surprise, I quickly stopped having the flu, but even more amazingly, my allergies subsided within about 6-8 months. 

I don’t get these allergic symptoms anymore and I haven’t visited my ENT doctor since. No more dust mite spray and multiple layers of bed linen!  I also used to be highly allergic to cats but lately, I have been able to be in the same room as a cat! I feel really blessed that I now lead a normal and active life now. I even started deep-sea diving again!

Seeing so many people succumb to poor health ranging from common flu to chronic illness, Mum and I felt a strong desire to see other people benefit the way I have. We created Santivia Immune to be a safe and effective natural product so that little kids to the elderly could take to build a strong balanced immune system. 

Our passion is to empower everyone to achieve their best health, enjoy a great quality of life and live out their hopes and dreams. It truly makes my heart happy when I see people’s health and lives transform.

Melanie Lee
Melanie Lee


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