Could This New And Amazing Method Be The Ultimate Relief For Eczema Sufferers?

Lately, a lot of people have been telling me how much they are suffering from eczema or have a loved one who struggles with chronic atopic dermatitis.

“I am so itchy and have blotchy rashes all over my body”

“The constant scratching has left my skin red, inflamed and patchy”

“The scars from previous bouts of eczema has left my body and face disfigured”

“I have had chronic eczema dermatitis for years and it’s so difficult to treat”

“My swollen, oozing, crusting skin has debilitating effects on my quality of life”

If you live with eczema (or atopic dermatitis), I am sure you can relate.

An Autoimmune Condition
Eczema flare-ups may have a genetic component and triggers can be as a result of irritants to your skin such as chemicals in lotions, cosmetic, soaps and laundry detergent.

Eczema is usually classified as an auto-immune condition. This is where your immune system is overactive, becomes confused and attacks its own skin cells. This produces inflammation which causes redness, irritation, swelling and scaly skin.

Allergy triggers such as pollen, dust mites and mould may also cause an eczema flare.

Current Eczema Treatment
The current treatment regimes work on depressing your immune system. 

Topical steroid treatment such as creams to control itch and infection is the first line longterm treatment prescribed by dermatologists.  Inflammation is suppressed for some relief but is not a cure. Long term side effects include thinning of the skin, bruising, and thin spidery blood vessels. 

For moderate to severe cases, monoclonal antibody drugs, such as Dupilumab or Dupixent, are delivered by injection twice a month. Side effects include conjunctivitis.

A New Approach: Revving Up NK Cells
The new approach aimed at revving up your immune system and boosting a type of immune cell known as natural killer cells (NK cells) appears to effectively treat eczema. 

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis found in a mouse model of the skin disease, the immune system NK cells were reduced and inflammation in the animals worsened. When NK cells were increased, inflammation lessened and the mice got better.

Dr Brian Kim, Co-director of Washington University Center for the Study of Itch and Sensory Disorders noticed his eczema patients had low levels of NK cells. And he observed that boosting NK cells improved skin rash.

Dr Kim also believed that boosting NK cells could help restore immunity to viruses in his eczema patients. He commented that “people who have a low number of NK cells turn out to be more susceptible to the herpes virus, poxviruses and HPV virus”

What Makes This New Method Surprisingly Unique?
This new approach goes against the current concept of treating eczema. 

Instead of depressing the immune system (which causes the body to be less able to fight against bacteria and viruses), the new method actually boosts the immune system, specifically the immune system’s “assassin cells” - the NK cells.

Santivia Immune: Testimonial of an Eczema Sufferer
A long-term eczema sufferer who was unsuccessful with steroids and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment yielded excellent results with Santivia Immune.

Santivia Immune Testimonial : Eczema Sufferer

We had attributed her good response with Santivia Immune to its immunomodulatory effect - balancing her overactive immune system.

However, Dr Kim’s studies brought to light another possible rationale for her eczema relief - Santivia Immune is clinically proven to increase NK cells. 

Unlike drugs which have side effects, Santivia Immune is a food supplement which is formulated for all ages, from the very young to the elderly. It is a safe and effective daily supplement.

Eczema is usually classified as an auto-immune condition, where your immune system is overactive and attacks its own skin cells. 

The current treatment regimes work on depressing your immune system with drugs that have side effects.

The new approach aimed at revving up your immune system and boosting a type of immune cell known as NK cells appears to effectively treat eczema. 

Santivia Immune helps to balance an overactive immune system and is clinically proven to increase NK cells. 

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