Do You Really Need Santivia Immune Every Day If You Feel OK?

Your immune system works 24 hours, 7 days a week, protecting you from infection and disease. It’s your personal army of soldiers defending your body. However, it has to cope with modern-day stressors which interfere with its ability to do its job.  We call these stressors the PITSS!

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11 Ways To Protect Yourself From Virus Outbreaks

11 Ways to Protect Yourself From Virus Outbreaks

There are no specific antiviral medications to treat this virus. Medical treatment is limited. The infection has to be overcome by your immune system. Therefore you should take steps to strengthen your immune system as well as avoid behaviour which crashes your immune system. Here are 11 Ways to Protect Yourself from Virus Outbreaks.

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5 Habits of Healthy Kids

5 Habits of healthy Kids

Why do some kids get sick so often while other kids avoid the flu and other infections?

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