What The Experts Are Predicting About COVID-19

We will have to live with the existence of COVID-19. No suitable, specific treatment exists, nor may ever exist. In the future, we’re more than likely going to have to deal with frequent epidemics and mutated viruses. But these insights are not a cause to panic. There is much we can do to prepare ourselves to deal with this inevitability. How we react to these flu-like viruses will ultimately depend on the state of our health and the strength of our immune system. 

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11 Ways To Protect Yourself From Virus Outbreaks

There are no specific antiviral medications to treat this virus. Medical treatment is limited. The infection has to be overcome by your immune system. Therefore you should take steps to strengthen your immune system as well as avoid behaviour which crashes your immune system. Here are 11 Ways to Protect Yourself from Virus Outbreaks.

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What’s Your Main Defence against Covid-19?

The Wuhan coronavirus is causing much concern worldwide. Your main defence against viruses is your immune system’s NK cells. Santivia Immune increases NK cell levels and activity.

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