Travelling In Endemic Times

With more and more countries relaxing the social rules, people are starting to dine out, meet in larger groups, attend concerts and travel overseas.

It's inevitable - we are poised to live with this endemic. 

Travel has commenced, albeit in a stop-start fashion. Those separated from loved ones need to travel to reunite. It has indeed been a difficult time for many families.  

Businesses can only do so much with online meetings. Eventually face to face meetings must occur.

Is your excitement about travelling ruined by the worry over the risk?

If you are like me, I think of the spread of germs in the enclosed plane. And once I arrive in the destination country:

Are the people disciplined following rules, wearing masks, social distancing?

What is the quarantine system in the country if I am unlucky to contract the virus?

What is the state of the hospital system?

Are the hospitals well-staffed and with good equipment?

Are there sufficient beds in intensive care units (ICU)?

Would I be treated secondarily to a citizen of that country as a foreigner? 

If your immune system was in tip-top condition, wouldn't you feel more secure?

We recommend during these precarious times that you prime your immune system by taking two capsules of Santivia Immune, twice daily a week before travel and whilst on the trip.

Santivia Immune strengthens your immune system. 

Santivia Immune is a clinically proven immune modulator, which means it restores balance to the immune system. It strengthens a weak immune system while also down-regulating an overactive immune system (autoimmune conditions and allergies).

It is effective in the innate (non-specific) and adaptive (specific) immune response. The adaptive immune response recognises foreign invaders, responding by producing specific antibodies against them and remembering them if attacked in future.

Santivia Immune increases NK cells which target viruses.

Santivia Immune has immune-active molecules against the common bacteria, accounting for 85% of infections.

Santivia Immune is suitable for all people, including children as young as two years old, to the elderly who may have health conditions.

Check out how Mike fared on his plane journey, taking Santivia Immune.

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