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You have enough things to keep track of on a daily basis. Ordering your Santivia supplements doesn't have to be one of them.

Here’s how it works...

Set It Up

Set up your subscription and you won't need to remember to reorder! Have it delivered to your door at the frequency of your choice.

Benefits + Bonuses

As a subscriber, you'll get a super special discount off your subscription order PLUS did we mention we pop in a few surprises to subscription orders every now and then? :)

Manage Easily

Manage your subscription preferences at any time. The quantity and frequency are easily adjusted...and if you change your mind, you can cancel any time after your 2nd order.

Lower prices & surprises? Yes, please! Not to mention, you don't ever have to worry about ordering too late or running out. Set your subscription frequency and your Santivia products will arrive at your door on time, every time!