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The state of your health is dependent on your immune system

Whether you get the flu, coughs, infections and chronic illness often depends on your immune system's ability to protect your body. 

The key to a strong immune system is to have a BALANCED immune system. This means your immune system must launch an aggressive attack to fight invaders and then return to a calm, balanced state when the attack is over.

When your immune system is out of balance, it not only fails to protect your body but also can even mistakenly attack itself, if overstimulated. 

Stimulation of the immune system is necessary if it is under-regulated and needs to be stimulated to fight a foreign invader, but overstimulation can lead to potential for auto-immune disorders.

Your immune system gets out of balance affected by every day factors such as PITTS: Poor Nutrition, Infections, Toxins, Trauma and Stress. These factors destroy the communication between immune cells.

Santivia Immune helps to restore the depleted communication system of your immune cells and supports the regulation of your Immune System towards a BALANCED, competent state.